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Leo Leo

Analog matrix sequencer based on Serge's Programmer from the 70s, here added more complex functionality that can be used as 4x4 cv channels, 2x8 or even 2x16 cv channels, plus also the ability to cascade through the front panel switch to activate it (connects to another with a 10pin cable through the back panel), also adds total control over each stage in both directions (skip, stop, active and mute), operates under three different clock inputs: Left, Right and Down can be used from a precise sequencer to a generative and random mode as well with manual button triggers for each step.

Tom Yum

Analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Saw core analog VCO in Eurorack format, based on old designs, with multiple waveforms, FM, PWM, and SYNC modulation, stability covers between five and seven octaves, pretty stable and strong, it give us that old analog raw sound that we love.

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